Insurance Valuations

Since 1975 OPA has built a strong reputation among the insurance, property management and the real estate industry.

When OPA provides an insurance valuation—we prepare reports that are reliable, cost effective and fully meet the needs of both our clients and their insurance providers. Our appraisals include current estimates of replacement cost for:

  • Foundation footings, exterior walls and windows, framing, roof deck and cover;
  • Interior and exterior stairs, interior finishes to walls, floors and ceilings, built-in cabinets and both interior and exterior fixtures;
  • Plumbing, heating ventilation and where applicable air conditioning:
  • Electrical lighting and facility equipment, fire protection alarm and suppression systems;
  • Built-in appliances and blinds and where applicable common area furnishings;
  • The site service and improvements such as pavement, curbs, trees, grass, and fencing;
  • Demolition, removal and dump costs;
  • The building will be review to meet the prevailing building and fire codes and parking requirements as required.

We also address bylaw compliance issues in every report.

Our custodial appraisal program keeps our client’s insurable values up-to-date for three years following the appraisal at no additional cost.

Securing an accurate replacement cost is critical to purchasing adequate property insurance.

We have been helping condominium boards and their property managers get replacement values right for decades. In fact, we have appraised some of British Columbia’s most unique and complex structures for insurance valuations for over 41 years.